Im meeting up with my ex-boyfriend tomorrow?

Okay so he asked me to meet up with him tomorrow and I really dont want to becaus I feel like it would be so awkward! We met up after we broke up with a group of friends and it was still awkward, so like wouldn't it be even MORE awkward when we meet up with just the 2 of us? Like what would we even talk about? Ughh I dont know what to do. I dont want it to be awkward thats all...


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  • We're missing a ton of information. How did you end things? It sounds like you didn't really want to be with him or were tired of him, since you're not looking forward to meeting with a very special person, but rather a person you find no connection with and thus, a strained connection makes you feel uncomfortable. If you don't envision yourself being friends with him, then be honest and transparent about it and just get to the point without pretending that you're enjoying this reunion.

  • honestly he probably wants to get back together or be 'friends' if that's not what you want, I wouldn't. good luck


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