Does he care? what is wrong with him?

i broke up with my ex boyfriend of 1 and a half years 2 weeks ago. he said it was because he didn't want to make a long distance relationship but he still wants me and wants to get ove me. but he sent a message to his ex... why?
he broke up with me. he got drunk one night and told my best friend that he still wants me and hasn't get over me but he doesn't want to do a long distance relationship and things will never be the same
we used to fight a lot. we are going to meet today to talk after 2 weeks. i asked him to meet up and he wasn't sure because he said he still has feelings for me and he doesn't want to feel shit later. he messaged his ex girlfriend. the one before me.


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  • I dont understand your question. You say "I broke up with my ex" then you give a reason "he said it was because he didn't want to make a..." who broke up with who? You will get more answers if you are clear with your question. Im going to assume you broke up with him cuz thats what it says. My answer is, what difference does it make who he contacts after you broke up with him? If you dont want to be with him, he has a right to find someone else. Secondly, after you broke up with him, its no longer any of your business who he calls. Sorry if this sounds harsh but its the way things are. Either be with him or dont but if you dont want to be, forget about what he does.


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  • he wants u and wants to get over u ? can u expailn more i could help u


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  • when you say he send a message to his ex? you mean you right?


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