Late bloomer in relationship. 25 y/o, had my 1st heart break and did stupid stuff. How do I recover?

So I've been in a relationship for 7 months. Worst 7 months ever but I must admit I fell head over heels for this man, during that time. I love him to death. We had a huge argument, horrible things were said and it was too much for him so he broke up with me. Of course, I went crazy cause he's my 1st love. In the moment I literally rather had been dead then break up. Thats not the worst. Obviously, since this is my first relationship, I did stuff that I feel terribly stupid and embarrassed for now. Because he ignored me for days with no response to anything, I reached out to his friends, hoping they can help. Ugh, how do I recover from such stupid act?
In the moment I didn't care how stupid I looked but now... I wanna drown myself. I can't believe I reached out to his friends with my pathetic act in begging for answers to see whether or not my EX was done with me for good. They are probably laughing at me. Why did I do that? Help!


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  • I too had my first relationship at the age of 24, and like you I too did some really embarrassing stuff.

    Anyway, i just want to tell you this - If he KNOWS how much you love him, and this is your first relationship, then he will surely patch up with you IF he loves you too. Asking his friends is not really a deal breaker for a relationship. Its not like you hired some spy to snoop on him or anything. If he doesn't come back, then just let it go because he isn't really worth it.

    • Oh my god... I was practically whining in a FB inbox to his friend. Its so embarrassing. And this is the same friend who told me long ago to keep him out of our business. Ugh... And I didn't listen! But thanks!! :)

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  • Even I had my first kind of a relationship at the age of 24. She started feeling for me in just one month which I obviously dint accept. And later when I felt for her she wanted only a fucking friendship. I went all crazy behind her seeking love but only felt more embarassed then ever. Although she was nice with me all the time and never lost friendship. We are friends now but it was difficult for me to stop feeling for her.
    i think you should give yourself some time to calm down and heal your pain. I am sure you will never regret the things you did to get your love back.

    • As embarrassing as they are, I kinda dont. Not only is it a memory I can laugh at later but it's a lesson learned. Plus, it showed him I really cared and when he tries to reach out, if he does, ill be over him & he'll be in my position.

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    • :-) Thanks!

  • No, no one s laughing. Don't feel embarrassed just because you were inexperienced. We all were...


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  • love will make you do stupid shit. no one is immune, except for maybe sociopaths lol.. keep ur head up and keep on trucking. its not a big deal

    • Hahah.. Im laughing at it now but I dont ever wanna come across his friends. It's gonna be so embarrassing.

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