U lala if I need something?

What do u think about touches after brake up? My ex came to see me and just leaned on my legs skin in skin and said : if u ever gonna need sonething... Just ask. she's was dating someone about half year when it happened. Is she trying to plau with me? Usually u dont touch ur ex after brake up especially if it was nasty


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  • That's just a bad thing waiting to happen.. I always say to myself.. They are an ex for a reason.

    • So she's bored in her elationship or what? Ir messing around with me?

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    • B**** :))) lol thought so. Hehe i would not want to be in other guys place. they live together

    • Ssss yikes!! Good thing you trusted you gut/instinct on it! Poor other guy.. He will soon find out.. The hard way 😊

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