Why is my ex always mad at me?

So my ex and I have been broken up for two months now. I tried to get her back after we broke up but I gave up because she didn't want to. We stopped talking since then. Until this week. We have the same group of friends so we hang out and see each other very often. What I have noticed is that she's always negative towards me. I say something sarcastically and everyone laughs but all she says is "stop being a smart ass". She refuses to make eye contact with me and never talks to me directly. She's always nasty towards me for absolutely no reason. I asked why she's being this way and she says that I'm being nasty too which isn't true at all. I just respond to her normally and she takes it as me being rude. Last night she seemed to care a lot about something I did with my friends and said I was stupid for doing it. Then we got into an argument but I told her I. can't do this tonight and went to bed. Whenever I'm around she only talks about all the guys she's been with and the guys she wants to be with. She shows no regard for me being there. She acts like a total slut now which I hate because it's so not like her and she's completely herself. I care about her more than anything. I wish we had another chance because our break up was the result of fighting which happened because both of us were really stressed with our families. We went through a rough patch, she went away and told me she wanted to be single and our relationship was un healthy because of the fights. I broke up with her, it was sad but not a bad break up there were no hard feelings. She's assured me and everyone that she's over me but now she keeps being mad, and nasty with me for no reason. I don't understand what's going on, what do I do. I'm trying to move on because she doesn't want to get back together and I'm done trying. So why is she always so negative towards me when we didn't have a bad break up, she wanted to remain friends, she acts like she doesn't care. What do I do
She also un. friended me on snap chat, when I originally did that she freaked out but now she's doing it, I'm not freaking out though


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, The Way She Treats You Is How Helga Treated Arnold On "Hey Arnold." Even Tho She doesn't Show It & doesn't Wanna Get Back With You doesn't Mean She doesn't Still Care, Believe Me, She Still Cares About You, She isn't Over You Either...

    • So always being negative, getting mad for no reason and bragging about other guys around me is a sign she still cares? I still want to get back together with her. So how do I go about it

  • I just went through the exact same thing with my ex girlfriend as well. In short, she's angry about the relationship ending. I found myself in the receiving end of her anger and inability to control her emotions. It does go away with time but it might take her longer to cope with it. I wouldn't take her comments about other men seriously, it's mostly them trying to make you jealous. The behavior she is displaying says alone, she's not over everything with you. I would probably veer from hanging out around her if this behavior continues. Her behavior will end once she sees everyone noticing how ridiculous she's being.

    • A part of me still wants her back, to make things right with her. Is this a sign that this is possible?

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    • Absolutely. She is an adult, when it comes down to it, her emotions and hers and she is the only one who has control over her behavior. What she's doing now, says she is not dealing with it as she should.

    • What's a good way to start the conversation

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