I know he's upset right now , but could there be a chance that he might want to pursue me again?

I was dating the love of my life for 3 months. He is a marine officer and I'm still in college. The way we met was only to have sex with each other later to find out that we actually really like each other. The first incident he broke up with me saying he couldn't get over not feeling he could trust me because I didn't hide but was very hesitant and uncomfortable of the telling him about my past relationship. We weren't even officially together but he thought since he was telling all I should too. Well we made up but he again broke up with me saying he still doesn't trust me and he's leaving soon to go to his training school. I was willing to do long distance and he was to we loved each other. I decided to move because of family issues (we were definitely together now ) and did a real bad thing to my mother and he didn't go with out talking to me for a couple of days. As I begged for him to talk and for him to forgive me. Then he finally talked to me cursed me out ( like most marines do ) yet I continued to pursue because I know he was upset. I know pathetic !! A couple of days later I found out I had a chemical pregnancy ( miscarriage ) I told him and he said I was lying. Which I could see why he would think that. But I love him so much !! He said he doesn't want to speak to me. And I told him I don't ever want to talk to him again. But I do. Because I love him and he said he loves me. I think he's just to pissed at me. Will this pass? Do you think he would want to pursue or even talk to me again?
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  • I think he has feelings and is upset, he's either trying to make sense of it and do his own thing and calm down or he's trying to move on. Let it be, leave him be and allow time to heal. The not talking is hard now but it could make it easier. I'm best friends with my ex and the fact the we talk every day makes it hard to move on when he's 100% over me and that hurts me and has out a debt in our friendship. I too had a miscarriage and understand the sensitivities too it and how that can make it easier to stay attached. But I need to accept deal
    And move on and really you should do the same. You can't force him to talk so do you for the time being and keep in mind someway somehow it has to work out no matter what. Goodluck!


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  • Be honest. What odds would you give your couple of surviving a LDR?

    • We were totally gonna make it work !! He's a marine so although it's gonna be hard it's real easy at the same time !!

      But the things is he says he doesn't want to talk to me at all. And hasn't being doing that for a couple of days now. Do you think he has moved on? I don't know how someone can get over someone that easily

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