Showed up at my ex's drunk last night?

She broke up with me 3 weeks ago out of nowhere and we haven't really had much contact since. We had been together for 2 years and I was/am madly in love with her. I respected her and just said (essentially) that I love her but I want her to be happy.

Anyway, last night I was studying with a few friends and we decided to go out for a few drinks and I ended up getting drunk (just so you know, I barely ever have more than one). After they dropped me home, I don't know why but I walked to her house. I remember asking her "why don't you love me?" She walked me into the living room and went to get me a drink, but then I passed out. This morning I just wrote a note that said "I'm really sorry, it won't happen again. [name]."

Should I just leave it at that? Do I call her and explain or?


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  • Call her she is probably feeling guilty and confused. I mean just just don't leave it at that you will probably have regrets if you don't.


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