Guys!! How long does it take you to move on?

Being a girl it takes me months to finally move on but I always wonder how long does it normally take guys? Do they move on as soon as they break up? Or does it actually take them time?


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  • I agree with a lot of the other responses. It's truly dependent upon the guy, and the situation. If I'm in love with a girl, and we broke up over something small, or it wasn't fully justified. Then it might take me a few months to move on. If a girl cheated on me, or did something to which was completely uncalled for and we broke up. Then it could take a week to a month tops for myself. If there's hope, then months. If there's not, then it's logical to just move on as quickly as possible. However, that also comes down to your definition of moving on.


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  • It depends on the guy's maturity, how emotional he is, and most important how much he liked the girl and the relationship they had (and why it ended). If you fall in love with someone, it'll sure as hell take a lot longer to get over them than if you just have a crush on them. But, having said that, if that same girl cheated on you it could make you move on from them a lot quicker than if things ended for a different reason. I personally move on from crushes in a few weeks max, but the longest time it took me to move on (I was 12) was 1 year - my best friend who I madly in love with but friendzoned me.

  • It depends on you: are you willing to let go, are you ready to move on, and are you willing to forgive. We all struggle with moving on, but what it really boils down to is weather or not you choose to re live the situation the next day, and the day after that, and so on. If you ended something yesterday, it's not happening today, so if you're suffering, it's because you're re living it. Moving in occurs when you chose to discontinue reliving the situation. It's not easy, but with time it can happen.


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