Why won't my ex just go away?

I had dated my ex-girlfriend for about a year and a half. To which we become very serious, but she wanted to move in and I didn't. However, this became a deal break for her, and she ended it back in May.
Over the summer, we rekindled the relationship a tad, but it was never fully there. One day, I found out that she was dating another guy, and was actually in a relationship with him. Knowing him through a friend; I reached out to inform him. To which he responded by being shock that she was cheating on him with me. He ended it with her, I ended it with her, and she texted me one the most horrifying texts that I've ever seen in my life. Bad enough to where after telling my brother about its content. He forced me to stay at my Aunt and Uncles place (because he doesn't live in the same city.) for a while.
After all of this happening around July 1st. She's now texting me about once a week that she loves me, or misses me. How do I get her to just go away? I want to block her number, but I'm afraid she may text me saying that she'll be coming over like she tried once, and I had to tell her to go away or I'd call the cops.

Any thoughts on what to do? I'd rather not have to go through getting a restraining order, and I don't think I have enough content to do so.


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  • Wow. Crazy crazy bitch.
    You must learn from other psycho exes though, many have actually carried out their threats, or become stalkers. These kinda exes are hard to make go away, unless you do something drastic. You hear of the crazy dudes going to kill their ex or the crazy women going to kill the ex or his new girl or something.
    Get a new number, just give it to people you trust who you know won't pass it on to ANYBODY, then you can carry that one with you instead. Your old phone will still ring, and you can just check messages whenever.


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  • Love makes you do crazy things. Its hard to stay rational in moments like this man, I totally get where she's coming from. I was in her shoes. She didn't love me anymore and I couldn't wrap the idea around my head. Hell I still can't. I still cry, break down, see no one else at my side that fit as perfectly as she did. Its just something that happens in our minds that can totally consume our lives. What you need to provide is closure. Something I wasn't given..

    • Yea, but would you ever cheat on your new girlfriend an ex, and then blame your ex with relentless threats?

    • No, but she is just panicing to keep anything if at all together. In her mind, there's something to work with and she may not know what to do with it, she'll still try her best. Even if its self-destructive and blind. Its hard to be rational.

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  • yea its probley best if you don't block her... Can I asked what she texted you that scared you?

    • It's a few pages of texts, but surrounded the idea of wanting to kill me. Telling me that God wishes my evil to go to hell, to burn, to be tortured until the end of time, and that she prayed for my death every day. The worst parts came in for when she talked about how she wanted to kill me, and what not.

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    • you have to take this seriously get a restraining order it will stop all this.. It not going to get better..

    • Yea... I'm afraid that you guys are right. If she texts me again. I'll make the call.

  • No closure.. she had the opportunity and she messed up. She was playing you AND another man. You get what you give. If she persists , I would file a restraining order. Start collecting evidence like recording her if she calls or comes to your door , get the Mr. Number app which will block her but still record the times she calls or texts and what she says in her texts /voicemail. Eventually you'll have enough evidence.
    If I were you , I wouldn't give her one more single minute of my life.

    • Thank you for your response, and I will go ahead with the Mr. Number App. I've got enough evidence to show that she's nutso, and left the texts still on my phone. Just in case they would be needed some day. I'm going to keep ignoring her as much as I can. In hopes that she will eventually understand her wrong doings, and go away.

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  • You Just Have To Cut All Contact With Her & iMean All Contact, If It Push Comes To Shove & You Have To Call The PolicĂ­a Then So Be It...

    • I have yet to contact her since her threatening text over a month ago. I'm not wanting to give her any fuel to go off of.

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