How should I take my ex acting submissive toward me?

My ex and I were each others first serious relationship, I'm 23 and he's 24. We dated for nearly 2 years and lived together when he dumped me.

Long story short, things hit the rocks between us and we were both individually going through a lot... it was a pretty explosive and emotional breakup, especially on my end. He went from being nasty toward me saying things like "I don't even remember why I loved you in the first place." To telling me "I just need space." In the first month. We didn't speak or see eachother at all in the second month, then in the third month we slowly started to attempt speaking civil. He failed at this, he often got angry with me but would always apologize a day or so later.

Just before the four month mark he came looking for me at my friends house at 2 AM and told me he was willing to sweep everything under the rug and give our friendship a chance. He started off friendly toward me, we saw eachother st work and joked and talked normally, it was great.

Slowly, he started to become submissive whenever I spoke to him. He now can't look me in the eyes and when he talks to me his voice is low like a child being scolded by its parents... I never speak to him in a manner that should cause him to act that way and he maintains that nothing is wrong. I'm still in love with him and he knows this but he has, so far, been pretty adamant about things staying this way. But him not being able to look at me is driving me insane!! Why is he being this way?
Though communication, I agree, is key to anything. My ex is a person who likes to keep his thoughts to himself unless he deems it absolutely necessary to share them or unless he's good and ready to share. He has anxiety about things like that :/


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  • Ask Him, See Whats Going On In His Mind, Remember Communication Is Key In A Relationship...


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