Possible to get my ex back?

I have broken up with my ex for 9 months now, and he has been in a new relationship for nearing 6 months. It seemed to be serious though I felt that it could be a rebound in the beginning.

I have been pushing him away because I am not ready to be only friends with him as I have not gotten over him completely. We kinda agreed to be best friends, but when I talked to him, I don't really get a reply. He said he felt uncomfortable talking to me because his girlfriend limits him.

We have arranged to meet up in a few days' time to talk things out because he does not want to lose me as a friend. What should I say? Should I tell him that I can't get over him when he has already gotten over me? Or does he still have feelings for me?


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  • It could have been a rebound that progressed into something more, but equally could have been serious from the start. Either way, if his new relationship is nearing 6 months and you guys don't talk much now, then I'm afraid he more than likely doesn't feel the same way anymore - especially since he specifies that he doesn't wanna lose you as a friend instead of saying he doesn't wanna lose you. You probably should tell him you can't get over him. He's meeting up with you so you can be friends, but if you don't tell him you'll probably end up agreeing to being friends but all forcing yourself to be friends with him when you're simply not ready yet will do is make things worse and harder on both of you (but more you than him).

    • We did talk for a few days early this month and the feeling was good. I am not sure whether it was because we were both comfortable as friends then. However, it turned out that he's uncomfortable talking to me just last week, all of a sudden.

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  • Answer- MOVE ON!

    There is no need to be friends with an ex, unless ofcourse you can't make friends otherwise!

  • Its over, you blew it. You could have done something in first three months doe but yeah.. nothing now

    • I did try though but I was too hurt to do much. Sigh.

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