How do you know that your relationship is really over?

What things are signs that mean that tells you that there's no love left in the relationship?


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  • When you feel like you are single or alone in the relationship, when the little things don't matter anymore, when you can't remember the last time you were happy, when you don't feel like fighting or that your relationship is not worth fighting for, when you spend less time together and don't miss each other, when you get tired of making up, when they stop being emotionally available and act like you don't exist, when you actually dread having to be around that person, when you just get tired of tying a knot and holding on, and when you keep asking yourself why am I still with this person or what did I ever see in you

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    • @AnayaWilliams time heals and no communication helps the process too because continuously talking enables you to still hold on. I'm glad things are better for you now without him :)

    • Trust me it wasn't easy he goes to the same school as me but we don't talk or anything.. I was doing some research earlier about relationships and decided to look up "player" and now I see what he really is. Its like he says he loves me but he isn't ready to commit like he doesn't what a relationship is. All he does is flirt with girls, asks girls there for there number, pretend he loves them and then moves on to the next. I wish I wasn't so stupid I guess looks can be deceiving

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  • no more contact.. is a sign that a relationship is over.. also you will feel some emptiness

  • The person does want to sleep with you no more


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