Does falling out of love true?

If yes, what are the possible reason for it to happen?


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  • It usually takes between one year and 3 years for a woman to fall out of love. She doesn't need a reason, because it's instinctive, and caused by chemicals in her brain. There's not much anyone can do to stop it.
    There are some women who can stay in love for 20 years or more, but only about 20%.
    This explains it :

    Men don't seem to have so much trouble with the chemicals in their brain. They normally need a reason to fall out of love. If he's not being loved in return, that can be a good reason.


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  • I fell out of love with my ex because of how he mistreated me. He flirted with other girls, cheated on me, lied to me etc. I gave him chance after chance after chance and he still continued to treat me like dirt. He started drinking last summer and has since then changed. He was my first love actually but he didn't want to commit to relationship as in do his part I was always doing my part. He actually broke up with me 5 months ago and since then we have not talked whatsoever. Just silence and no communication whatsoever. I have fallen out of love with him honestly. I thought he was the guy of my dreams but I realized he's nothing but a player. He pretty much just used me. He doesn't know what a relationship is at all. I don't see him coming back or anything like that and i think its good that I'm not with him anymore. Including after the way he treated me he doesn't deserve me and I don't deserve him of course.

    • Im sorry to hear that. But anyway based on what you've said, he doesn't deserve you.. You deserve better. A woman should always be treated well. I know someday you'll find the one. :)

    • Yeah I fell out of love with him over the summer he drinks too so no I shouldn't be with him. I don't talk to him or anything whatsoever. I know I deserve better it just took me a while to see that. He's pretty much a player from how I see it he asks girls for there numbers, etc. Its like I was the only one trying and he didn't do anything

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  • It's true with time but true lovers should realized that and fix their relation
    All marriages for exampple haave their ups and downs and they should know how to deal with hthat.

    "Best Coupls has same problems as worst couples except these good ones knew how to deal with their problems"

  • Your missing the part where you fall in love again with the same person. It happens. Most people leave their SO when they fall out of love and that's a mistake as the second time around can be stronger than the first.


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  • I think it can happen I'm sort of going through this now my bf says he "will always love me" but is hinting towards a break so I think it's quite possible he's fallen out of love. I just think after a whole sometimes people change an grow apart but I don't think it's true love if that's the case. In a strong believer in true love and all that stuff.

    • For me, True love is Pure, nothing can actually defeat it. I believe every person in this world has true love but sometimes, it comes in the right time and the right place. You'll just realise everything is set for you to love and be loved :D

    • I couldn't agree more I believe the same thing. I believe in soul mates and everyone has one finding that soul mate is work but I believe it can happen for everyone and nothing can defeat that kinda love as pure as it is.

  • well, when you're with someone, you're always learning new things about them... so how much you're attracted to them changes with that

    also, you're always changing... and so do you your needs and desires... and, therefore so does your definition of Mr. Right

    lastly, you have certain general impressions and assumptions when first meet someone... and those become clearer as you get closer.

    • I agree with you but how about the couples who stays the same until their 50 years of wedding? I guess that's how powerful Love is. Love over needs and desires.

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    • Sorry, I feel embarrassed now because the question wasn't really about sex. I just got finished answering one that was... that's why my opinion slipped into that direction here ^///^

    • That's Okay, It was also part of the RELATIONSHIP that could so much affect both of your lives. :) I also got your point. As you grow older you'll realise, you don't much look into physical but on how/ what you feel into that person. Well at least I know now that it's not only me, who thinks that way :)

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