Looking for more opinions please?

So aabout 6 weeks ago my ex broke up with me out of the blue telling me she needed space. We always had a great relationship and were friends as we'll as bf and gf. So after she cut off all contact with me and I didn't speak to her until 3 days ago when I saw her at school

The week before she broke up with me she was telling me how lucky she was to have me and said one day she could see herself marrying me. I don't know if she was blowing smoke out of her ass but it sounded genuine. I also found out through the grape vine sheThat same day I also went as far as buying her our "2year gift" and giving her the purse. Our 2 year wasn't until September...

was talking to some kid from her home town that she worked with 3 weeks after we broke up. I think it's a rebound thing because how do you have feeling for someone else after being with me for 2 years?

Now that were back at school I have been acting indifferent because I want her to chase me. My philosophy is everyone wants what they can't have. Now that I'm acting like this her behavior has been strange. For example in class the other day there were 5-6 open seats and she chose the one that was close to me and facing me. Then again I saw her that day at the gym and she was using the machines closer to me when the same ones were open farther away. Then the next day she's walking around with the purse that I got for her for our 2 year.

My guess is she's looking for a reaction and me not giving one to her is bothering her. My ultimate goal is to get her back but I want her to know in not a push over anymore and that she treated me wrong.

Any opinions?
Am I handling this right? Any other suggestions?
Does indifference/ wanting what you can't have work?

For the poll
Do you think she will come around and want to get back from what I said?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Kind of sounds like she can't be alone that's not a good thing for you. That means once she gets you she's going to be looking again. You need to move on in my opinion. Sorry hope it helps.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Well iSuggest Moving On Cause She Broke Up With You With A Terrible Excuse & If You Guys Got Back Together Who Says She Won't Do It Again. Since You Wanna Get Back With Her All You Can Do Is Continue Doing What Your Doing & Wait, The Ball Is In Her Court, Dont Initiate Any Contact First & Hope She Contacts You...

    • She contacted me yesterday and told me she wants to talk next week for closure. Somebody told Me that might be a good sign because she still somewhat cares and is confused and doesn't want to lose me completly. Possibility or no? And how do I act without being a dick but get my point across that she hurt me and what she did wasn't right?

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