Am so hurt and confuse. My boyfriend don't talk to me about anything I love him, I just hate the way he control the relationship all the time. Things?

Am in a weird relationship for a 1 year and a half now, this guy only like to communicate by text message. I love him so I accept it. He moved in 3 times and then move out behind my back. He stopped responding to my messages. He is been do cold to me, he claims he would never do anything to hurt me but it hurts. I don't even know what's going on with him he won't respond.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Put The Ball Back In Your Court & Leave Him, Ignore His Cries & Pleads Cause More Than Likley He Will...

    • Thank you for responding. It's just crazy been with someone for a year and a half now he moved in 3 times and moved out. He Don't want to return my spare keys. I think he toss them. It's one month already.

  • leave him he's using you like a door mat and keeping secrets not good for a solid relationship

    • Thank you, you right he always comes around when he needs help

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