Should I and How can I get my ex back? Should I tell him I miss him? (broken up for 4 days)?

So my boyfriend and I of two years broke up but when we broke up we didn't really talk about why. I mean, I told him that I felt our relationship died out and we barely talked over the summer, the sex life was non-existant and I thought we should break up. But he didn't say anything. He just stared out, and then walked away. I asked him if we were broken up and he said if that's what you want and I said yes.

It's been 4 days since we've broken up. I've tried reaching out to him and asking him if he wants to talk about our break up, or say something to me. He said he needed time, and i've been respecting that, but I'm confused.

We didn't really talk it out, I thought he would try to talk it out with me at least, or at least say something, or ask why more but he didn't.

He said he still has feelings for me-- but the way we broke up.. it just felt like he agreed, and doesn't want me.

I feel like I may have rushed in my decisicion.. or I could have instead of asking to break up, have a conversation about trying to fix our relationship. I feel like maybe I shut down too quickly. Everywhere I go I feel like something is missing, and I know it's him. Even going to walmart was hard without thinking about him and how he was always there for me, and how we would joke about stupid things we saw on the shelves.

What can I do about this? I miss him a lot, but we did break up for a reason. There is no garuntee that everything will work out if we try again. I'm afraid we'll just be frustrated with each other all over again. And I don't even know if he'll take me back. But I feel empty, and like I lost my best friend.

Is this a situation where I should just give up on our romantic relationship and hope time heals and lets us be friends? Or should I ask if we can work this out and own up to making a mistake?
Should I and How can I get my ex back? Should I tell him I miss him? (broken up for 4 days)?
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