Am confused, my boyfriend say he loves me but, don't want to answer my messages, we has a fight for the first time. Omg. It's not that bad. But he?

If someone loves you, would they move out and stay away for, one month now, he makes it seem it was so bad
Thank you, that helps me a bit more to get over.


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  • What was the basis of the fight? What was important to you? What was important to him? Do disagreements regarding the fight affect either of your impressions of the sustainability of your relationship?

    • Basis of the first he goes away on special days, like valentine, 4 of July. According to him he is with family. So I text him please come home, he refused then he spent a week away. So I got mad and told him off. So he told me off also and said he is done. I told him I don't have a problem with him visiting family. But please come home. So he told me he rather moving in with his family back, so he did.

    • Do you think that these proceedings have made it difficult to discuss your conflict calmly? Are you already familiar with his family?

      Earlier you said that your boyfriend says that he loves you. Do you think that this is not the case, or perhaps that he is frustrated? If it is true that he is away with family, I would be frustrated in his position, both for what might seem a lack of faith in me and in having to decide between my family and my girlfriend. It seems some distance has been put between the two of you, and that may make resolution of the conflict difficult. I strongly advise against attempting to address the conflict remotely; if you can, share a pot of tea privately and have a conversation about the reasons that you feel upset - do not be accusational or antagonizing, make it clear that your goal is to make things amicable between you for mutual benefit.

      I say this on the assumption that your goal is to reconcile. Is this true? What are your thoughts?

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