"I'm sorry about everything"?

Back in December I hung out with my ex girlfriend.

Things ended bad and she left state for a couple months to travel.

Then she came back and I took her out to dinner.

She said, "I'm sorry about everything!"

I said, "You know? If you told me anything that you wanted me to not know right away then I wouldn't have ran away from you even if you did"

She said, "I'm just... saying that I am sorry for everything!"

So I said, "*sigh* Well I'm sorry too! Let's just enjoy this sushi"

Then she kept saying on the ride home, "I'm sorry for everything."

I said, "I forgive you. I'm just happy you are sitting here with me"

Then before she got out her car we kissed.

But then some douche bag from California sold a bunch of his shit to move up to Alaska for her!!

What is her deal?


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  • Weird… Thats normally what people do when they are feeling guilty about something they have done, but you two aren't in a relationship. Maybe she's saying sorry because she has someone else now?


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  • I don't really understand your situation?

    Sounds like you need to just talk to hear clearly and find a way to communicate your questions to her.

    • Beat answer already been chosen Kenzie.

      And of course you don't understand anything anyways.

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  • I went through a similar experience where this ex gf returned home from college , we hung out a few times and things seemed better but weren't perfect but at least she was back and we were sitting beside each other. then all of a sudden this new guy appeared out of nowhere and they started dating. I don't know maybe girls like to reconnect with guys they feel comfortable with or feel they had not finished things with before. but at same time they are open to dating others guys , just cause they have a history with one guy does not mean they aren't open to seeing what else is out there

  • She isn't sorry and now she will be hunting polar bears and chopping wood with her beaver without you sadly. I'm sorry

    • Lance?

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    • Don't laugh your ass off at his joke.

      Mine was better

    • OMFG I can't stop laughing. You make me giggle like a gay crocodile

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