Tips on enjoying/being ok with being single?

i've recently been re-enlisted into the singles club after 3 years of being in a relationship

its only been two weeks and i already want a new relationship
i absolutely hate being single. but i also don't want to rush into anything simple because i'm feeling sad and lonely.

so any good advice?


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  • First things first keep yourself busy and go out and meet people. hang out with friends. Avoid any super emotional movies. Remember to laugh. Laughing helps break being sad. You need to get used to your own company in order to not go running off to find a new relationship just because. One of the things that got me through my last break up was getting into the gym. Just keep your head clear and dont dwell. If you dwell its going to eat you up. Also dont let the fact you are single be such a big deal in your head else it will continue to grow and grow and consume you.
    Find hobbies. Read. Just watch what you are reading. Honestly the biggest hurtle is being able to deal with emotional situations and not turn into a pile of blubbering jelly.
    If you need someone to talk to Im always around.


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