Why would an ex (girlfriend) keep you blocked after 1+ year?

Together almost 5 years, we broke up in December 2012 because she wanted to have a drink with a guy she just met 'as friends'.

After some thought I decided to end it, but wanted her back 3 days after, she was in his nets by then...

Of course now and again I can't help but Facebook search her. Pretty bad habit which is going to get me burntI know.

I never did anything to bother/hurt her there. We had a chat once when she unblocked me months after. Ever since then I have been blocked.
Also she is still apparently friends with my family overseas.

But she still has me blocked on facebook?
Does this mean it upsets her looking at my profile? Or is that far fetched.


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  • I'd say she's forgotten to unblock you but also that she blocked you because there are things she doesn't want you to see or find out. Unless your brief chat was awkward or you expressed desire to be with her or were pushy, it's probably one or both of those two things.

    • Good answer I think.

      I guess that chat was awkard, she said something along the lines of 'sorry but I can't help but get mad'.

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  • It shows me she has Moved on, sweetie, and with everything that has happened, been said and done, she just thinks it is in Both of your Best Interests if---------She still has me blocked on Facebook.
    With what I am Reading here, that ever since 'We had a chat once' deal, she Then 'Blocked' you again, and this time, she apparently is sticking to her guns. She is 'friends with my family overseas,' and feels you would also be stepping on her turf with people you both know.
    And with you hopping on overt over to the Other side once in awhile, the Only thing that will 'Get me burntl' is your curious courage and your heart you still wear on your sleeve.
    Get used to the idea that she may not ever return, that once what you had '5 years' down the road, has been Deleted And Now 'Blocked' with her down this beaten path.
    But of course, I am quite sure the memories Are still etched in your mind, good and bad. And like anyone human, sometimes many of us get to the point of being a 'Curious George' when it comes to an 'EX.'
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the reply.

      What do you mean with:
      "She is 'friends with my family overseas,' and feels you would also be stepping on her turf with people you both know."?

      Because we both know that family and on another note she still has some mutal friends (who are more my friends according to her) which she hasn't talked to since the breakup...

      I have accepted that she has moved on, she moved on in a whim.
      It's just hard to grasp really, since it seems she had so much ease in moving on. Whereas I even have difficulty ending it with someone I wasn't completely into.

    • You wrote here that she was friends with your family overseas, and if on FB, this is her territory, her business... As much as it seems to be hard for you, by her not keeping in touch with you, she has moved on, and by Blocking you, she found it easier to----Move on, and not have the urge to see you on your profile even. xx

  • She could have just forgotten to unblock you again if its been a year.

    • Plausible, but I doubt it. Since mutual friends & family's posts/birthdays should remind her from time to time about me.

      She probably has me blocked so I can't see her profile I guess. More childish than I thought.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's been over a year. It's really time to move on.


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