This seems kind of weird to me?

My baby's father never told me that he was working things out with his ex wife , I asked him a million times if he was and he would deny it, then found out just couple days ago that he really was this whole time because ex wife told me right in front of him. Him and I argued about this because that's sheer bull shit what he did to me! While we were arguing he was like telling me that I gave him the world and he loved me so much and I asked him then why is he going back to the ex wife when she treated him like shit? .. Then tells me he misses me and makes up excuses just to talk to me by asking how Bentley is doing when I told him if anything came up I would tell him but other then that I didn't want to talk to him. I just don't understand this guy. Any ideas?


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  • You do not think correctly.

    Why become involved with a man who has a wife? Everyone looses and for the rest of your life, you have a man in your life who will always treat you as topic number 4, something he can come back to when all else fails.

    I never understand why a woman would want to be with a man who promises a bad life. If he is married you crossed the line and welcomed pain into your life. He has defined you as less than. You have accepted the role of being less than. With a child you cannot just walk away.

    The only advice is find a good church. The reason is you are on a road of poverty and pain. The man of your dreams has walked past you because you were busy fighting with baby daddy. You may not believe in the devil but he sure has a strong foot hold on your life. Good luck


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  • The way I see it, Many times with an 'EX", X Marks their Spot And In their Heart, and although they can 'Deny' it all they want, the feelings of the 'Missing and the kissing' Are still around like a pair of old shoes.
    And being you both have had a child Together, both are in essence 'hooked at the hip' when one thinks about this, he has been having his cake and eat it too, and Now-----The Tinker Toys have been let out of the bag, the truth is now known.
    If he is Using his sweet talk to See 'Bentley,' then at least be fair here, for it Is his baby, to allow him some visitation rights, sweetie. Yes, he did wrong by you, it was a rotten thing, you got a raw deal, but don't let your son suffer because of your furious falling out with his father. It's not fair to him, and at least you know, with whatever else 'Name' you have been graciously calling him, he is not a----Dead beat dad.
    Make some arrangements, where perhaps he can see Bentley every other weekend, visit him even when you are not around. Or maybe even take him on an outing of some sort, for I feel it is very important for 'My baby's dad' And Son, to Still be able to bond and be in one another's lives, even if the both of you are estranged.
    And must I remind you, if you don't allow him this, he could make things even rougher, on top of the 'sheer bull' that has happened to you, by going to court to get visitation rights, or God knows what else he could have up his sneaky sleeve.
    Stay clear of him yourself, as far as Ever Reuniting with him, or even letting him near you with his----Ten foot pole again. He can't be trusted, in my book, and with the scenario he has going on with this 'Miss X.' take it from me, This too will be a pitter patter pattern with him, for he will try to juggle both of you, he is good at this now. Why should he stop? And if Not with you, then with someone else on the sidelines...
    Good luck. xx


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  • You were, and he is hoping you still are, his back up plan or consolation prize if it doesn't work out with his ex.
    Its time to take care of yourself and the baby and close the door on anything more than him being the babies father. Get your ducks in a row and make sure you get custody of the baby and child support.
    He is a user and is only out for himself. He toyed with your heart and emotions and is still trying to.

    • Yes, Shaggy is right with this as well... Make some arrangements with child support or some agreement that can be settled amiably on both ends...

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  • The reasons he didn't tell you he was attempting a reconciliation with his x wife is because if it didn't go as he planned, he had you to fall back on. You have a child, do what is best for your child even though it is not what you want.


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