My boyfriend of over 3 years has broken up with me via 1 text and is ignoring me... I feel so lost?

My boyfriend and I have had a few issues recently, but he doesn't talk to me about stuff so I end up moaning to get a response out of him, which makes me feel bad so i guess i bought it on myself. He used to buy me flowers every friday, wanted the same things with a family one day and a house etc and he just wanted to be with me etc, didn't care about anyone else as his a little bit of a loner and even he can admit that.

We have always got on so well.. Recently we have hit the three year mark, but in the last 2 weeks we have had about 3 discussions, which he sees as arguments.

We went out at the weekend and things, then yesterday after one of our discussions he told me that he decided he wanted to follow a different career path which is exciting to him, leave the country and travel for the job pretty much 90% of the role therefore 'wants to be on his own' and finally decided to admit that his not very happy and wants to split up as it's for the best.

I haven't stopped him going out or anything, he plays sports and went out drinking on Saturday night, "like the old days". Then rather than being with me to sort last night out he saw the guy from Saturday down the pub?

I am literally so heart broken, i have stayed home from work today to work from home, cried all night. I will admit considering he wasn't answering my calls, telling me where he was (he went to the pub with his mate to watch football?) i was pretty much text/call stalking last night.

I then got one text explaining the above at about 9/10pm and haven't heard anything since. I have text him lots of stuff last night, and the last text i explained i will give him space now so he won't hear from me anymore. I am hoping he will contact me, but from what he has said he won't.

I feel so forgotten, his not communicated with me at all, completely cut me off. 3 years and for what? 1 month ago we was celebrating our three year anniversary.

I can't believe this, my heart has shattered.


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  • Here are the possibilities I see:

    1. Someone else got a hold of his phone and is playing you. Relaying the information you currently have by seeding that information in other sources.

    2. Cheating. It is a possibility. He's breaking things off cheaply because he can't face you, yet, his heart is no longer in it.

    3. He really is a no good bastard who is doing exactly what he is saying he is going to do and doesn't care anymore. There had to be symptoms over the years, but is love truly blind?

    Well... one of those three, probably.


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  • I am so sorry sweetheart :( maybe the discussions you were having were too much for him if he saw them as arguments? Just give him space right now like you said. Its the only thing to do, you don't want to be filling up his phones inbox. It seems like you had a good relationship before as he gave you flowers all the time and saw a bright future for you two. So if you give him the space he needs, he will come back to you, and when he does, stay calm and collective when talking about things. Keep an open mind to his opinions and state your own as you wish. Try to prevent problems that happened before from happening in the future to maintain a promising relationship.

    And in the mean time while you are giving him space, please do something nice for yourself :( think about yourself and do things that benefit you! Watch movies, find recipies online to bake, have your own spa day at home, hang out with some girl friends later! Whatever tickles your tulips! Do the things that make YOU happy! <3


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  • First, I'm terribly sorry that you're having to go through this. I know it's a miserable experience.
    This guy sounds like an asshole to be honest. Completely dismissing your feelings do he can go drink with his boys. You deserve better, assuming you're not a terrible person.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I went through something similar. Talk it out with friends, cry your eyes out. Do what u have to do to get over it and move on. I know it sounds hard, and it is. But the sooner u start, the better. Don't spend too many days hurting over him. You're happiness can't depend on one person

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Dont Wait Around For Him, Move On & Over Time You Will Feel Better, Trust Me...

  • I know how you feel, My ex of seven years cheated on me and got pregnant with another guy and that literally just killed me inside. Took me two years to just get over the depression it caused. Once you find someone you enjoy talking to everything will be better, plenty of fish in the sea we are still young.


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  • Hang out with friends and do stuff with them if not, cry all the pain if u have to.


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