Boyfriend wants to breakup?

I feel like my boyfriend wants to break up by the way he's been acting and yesterday I got mad at him cause he did something that hurt me and he said if u want break up then just break up with me if he wants break up why can t he just tell me instead of pitying me?


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  • This is the guy you have been talking about for weeks.

    He is playing a game on you. If you break up it will be your fault. This is his reasoning and trick. He will never breakup with you, If you stay you are his slave, he can and will do anything he wants because you permit it. In short he wants to see how desperate your are.

    I dont want to hurt your feelings, but your actions are similar to a woman who has no father who raised her. I say this because a father give his daughter self respect. If you had a significant male role in your past who would have filled you with unconditional love, you would tell old boy to kiss your ass.

    You act like you need this guy or he is the only one on the planet. Ask yourself this question, how many minutes have you spent happy with this guy and compare it to the number of days, hours and weeks you have spent misrable. Drop him. You are pretty and should have no problem finding someone one.

    • Yeah, and thanks. Your right about the dad thing I have a dad but doesn't really talk to me at all or show love ect... I love him but I don't want him treat me like this if he wants break up he should just tell me sometimes I feel like I do need him cause I don't really have anyone no good friends, bad friends yes :P parents not so great and my bro don't talk to him

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  • give him what he wants and go ghost on him

    not every guy is assertive, strong or socially adept enough to know how to properly end a relationship. some of them are very avoidant and not mature enough to deal with the uncomfort that comes with hurting someones feelings and ending things. so they will purposefully act undesirable in attempt to get you to be the one to end it. that way they can avoid any confrontation by making you do what they want.

    think about if you really want a guy like this. basically he's showing you that he is not the kind of guy who can stand up in face of adversity (assuming that ur reaction to the breakup would be a meltdown). he's not going to tell u bc that takes a level of maturity that he probably doesn't have. so do urself a favor and don't let a guy be in ur world if he's not gonna act like he wants to be there. what he won't do another man will

    • Yeah he does that he used to whatever I want now he kind of makes me do what he wants

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Because Deep Down He doesn't Want To Break Up, If He Did He Would Of Done It Already. He Is Using It As Bait To Keep You Cause He Knows You Won't Go Anywhere, If Your Tired Of It Then Tell Him...


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  • By the sounds of it, it could be that he's feeling the same way: afraid you'll break up.
    My advice? Talk to him about it, let him know how you feel and ask him how he feels. Chances are this is all a misunderstanding :)


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