Guys & Girls: IF your ex (who broke up with you) asked to meet up with you, would you accept or not?

My ex and I have been apart for 8 months now. For about a month and half, he continued to pursue me and begged me 4 times to reconsider. We almost did, but it didn't happen even though we were in love.

He was broken by our breakup yet he started seeing another girl pretty soon which upset me terribly. As a result, I pretended to no longer care for him and was basically very cold even though I was the one who broke up with him. For 4 months I toiled with the decision as to whether or not I should approach him & ask for another chance, but I didn't because I was too proud. All contact came to an end from both sides. I eventually texted after 4 months asking how he was. Long story short, I eventually plucked up the courage to ask him if he'd meet me to talk. He told me had a gf, but was willing to meet me anyway. We met at a restaurant a few days later & we chatted for an hour - I apologised and told him that I still love & care for him, but respected that he was now in a relationship. Things went amazingly well & we laughed & joked. He kept asking why I took so long to let him know how I felt. He also kept asking me that in "an ideal world" would I want us to be together & I admitted yes.

Ok, so my question is: He agreed to see me & we had a lovely time. He said he told his gf he was meeting me. I asked him if he would marry her (like he wanted to marry me) & he said he didn't know, but maybe... Could he still have feelings for me? He's a very hard assed, macho guy so he hardly shows his feelings. Also, we were so in love. We had a passionate & intense relationship & amazing chemistry. Can guys just stop loving you? Even his family agreed I was "the one". In addition, his new gf is the total opposite of me which leads me to think it could be a rebound? I am going crazy! I desperately want him back!


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  • I would accept. There's nothing wrong with staying friends after the failure of a relationship.
    But, it sounds like he might still have some feelings left for you, the deep kind which pull at you but you just can't get rid of them. But, he has a girlfriend. Don't make any moves on him whatsoever, as, that would just completely shred any chance of him wanting another relationship.
    But, may I ask why you broke up with him in the first place?

    • Thanks for your opinion. Yes, I wouldn't try seduce him! We had a few issues actually - my family didn't think he was the one for me & my brothers HATED him. They said he was arrogant. He always felt insecure about me & felt I couldn't commit. Basically he looked for problems were there weren't any or made small things into problems. The final blow came when I thought I was pregnant. He always wanted to marry me, but I thought we were moving too fast. I got overwhelmed by all the drama & cracked. I regret reacting the way I did, but I was under a lot of stress.

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  • Even though i was the one to end the relationship i would still like to see him in person at least once. I live in cali and he lives in texas so yeah. Last year he was in cali and asked me if i wanted to hang out. I would say yes ofc but what pulled me back was that i have a bf now, and if we see each other, that'll just hurt both parties since our history of being together wasn't a nice experience. But since he has a gf now, leave him alone unless he wants to remain "friends". There may be a chance that he'll learn to move on but it just depends on the situation.

    • Thanks for the comment! That's it - meeting up hurts the new bf/gf. We could never be friends after the type of relationship we had. It was far too intense & physical so there is no possibility to be friends, like ever!

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