Can someone please read this reply my ex send me to an email I sent Does this mean there is hope? people say no, I want YOUR opinion please!!!?

None of this was easy for me either I did end up telling my grandma about us and I'm pretty sure it was before you left to chicago but i dont know when you left. I've been avoiding my family because I dont want them to ask me what happened. I know I need to write my mother and tell her how I feel about what she did. I do think about you and I hold my feelings back on the edge of crying multiple times during the day. Usually when I'm driving or when I wake up or go to bed. Who knows all these feelings I have may make me break down one day but for now I'm functioning fine and spending a lot of time working on my career. I received a temporary promotion hopefully I will get the job permantently in a couple months. It seems like you have a lot of opinions about me and how I feel and what I do but I guess you just do that cause you don't know. I don't know how knowing these things would make it better or easier for you. I really tried to see if it was just what my mother did that made you a certain way but the actions you took in those few weeks just showed there was really nothing different. Maybe some people would say I love you more because I won't let us be together while you were unhappy with me or I with you. I really don't know what else to tell you I would still like you in my life but I want you to be happy all the time and I hope you won't settle for anything less. Hope we can continue to talk and maybe we could even hang out too.


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  • Beautiful letter, and well thought, sweetie. A lot of time and concerted effort went into this.
    By reading this, I see he has moved on with his bright future. And I see a man who loves you, still cares a bout you, and wants you to Still be in his life, wants what is best for you and of course, for himself here.
    I believe he wants to stay just friends for now, hang out, keep in touch with you. He is giving you both this 'Break up' Break to see if anything may change because apparently 'being together,' you were both 'Unhappy' with one another. Perhaps he wants to feel things out, nurse and nurture things in Another way, where you could start out as friends and see what happens down the future with even 'Hanging out too.'
    There Could be a big chance for a reconciliation... A man who takes this much time into something this meaningful, has a lot of love in his heart for someone whom he will never forget.
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Thank you for your response. Almost made me cry :/

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    • AWESOME! thank you so much I will do that! and you and your husband wish you best of luck although nothing like making up after a fight the love you feel it all over again!! I will reach out to him... thanks for praying for me tonight I guess god does know when you are a good person because he connects you to the right people again THANK YOU for your words! I really do hope he does consider us.

    • You are so very welcome, sweetie, glad I could see this to help shed some light... I often wonder why God hooked me, a Christan up with a good Muslim man, but He had found a reason 3 years ago, and I have just left everything in His hands... You should too, for if you don't Expect it, over think it or anything much, it just Happens, I found that out a Million and One times... Happy Labor Day too, and yes, Reach out, They actually Like that, you'd be surprised... xx

  • It's really hard to decipher what he's feeling because we don't know what your email to him said. It sounds like he has strong feelings for you but knows that it won't work out for whatever reason.

    • That I was saying goodbye, and letting him go,

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