Still thinking about him everyday months later?

Met this guy just under a year ago, we hit it off instantly and fell for each other.. I messed things up stupidly and he moved 6 hours away..
We didn't speak for 6 months, then randomly he got in contact saying he was down in the area for a month.. we met up, hit it off again and fell in love.. we said we'd carry things on even when he went home (6 hours away).. he has commitment issues that got in the way and again he left and we stopped speaking..
That was 3 months ago and neither of us have contacted each other.
I think about him every single day, I miss everything about him and I genuinely would give up everything to be with this guy.. I doubt ill ever see him again.. How do I get over this feeling? Should I contact him? I know it probably wouldn't help if I contacted him though!
Thanks x


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  • I am the same way with this girl... I would literally drop everything and go anywhere with her as long as I'm with her... except she doesn't love me anymore apparently. Anyway, if he seems like a nice guy and you 2 know each other well, keep pursuing. Make things work. I drove 2 hours just to see her. Spent maybe 5 hours together and then off I go. Another lonely 2 hour drive. But it was worth every dollar I spent on gas. Every minute I spent planning before and every second that lead up to the moment of being with her. I'd give anything for love like that again.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If He Is Heavy On Your Heart Then Reach Out To Him & See How He Feels, If He doesn't Repsond Then Move On With Life & Over Time You'll Hopefully Feel Better...


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