He moved out took the keys, now he doesn't want to give me back my keys, it been a month I should be over him but I still can't function right?

I feel like am about to lose it. Thanks for all the advice, it has helped me a lot, now I don't text him no more, I feel like this is going make me loss my job, I can't focus.


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  • change your locks.. to your house.. and heart.. and move on. Im sure you are a beautiful woman


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  • first you have to worry about yourself because he's the one with a roof over his head and he's already taken a lot from u and hurt u don't let him take your job so i would block all contact with him and focus on yourself before moving toward another relationship u gotta put yourself first because there are some selfish dangerous and people who aren't out for the good of others u don't need drama in ur life any some more advice anything u own i think should create a document signing whatever is in ur name or whatever u buy is yours and who ever walks in your life signs it because he should have never taken anything u have own or worked hard for and when u get married in the future do a prenup so everything u own is in your name to look to friends or family for support and to help u in moving on and being the independent women ik u can be and was before u met him whatever u do move on don't let him back in your life

    • Thanks for your advice, you are so right people are dangerous and hard to find people with a good heart

    • also please be careful and safe the do have alarm systems and security systems and mase you can get and i would change your locks to especially if that guy knows where you live at so he doesn't take anything else away from you be careful hun have a good day ! :)

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  • If he still has a set of keys first thing you do is change the locks.


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