I got a hold of my wife on the phone but she did not speak but listen to me for ten mins. do I still have a chance after I poured my feelings out?

she left 2months ago and this is yhe first time she pick up her phone


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  • Yea you probably still do... If a girl was so set on having you out of her life then she wouldn't even pick up and straight up leave every memory of you behind. IF she picked up thats a goal, and if she listend thats another goal. But dont keep calling her, let what you said sink in and give an affect on her and when you waited enough call her up again and give the choice of letting her go for good or if you should try... girls suck when it comes to someone they loved threatening to actually walk out and not look back.
    Omg but your wife though... get her back like its your wife not just some college girl or hook up but someone you promised to spend your entire life with. I swear everyone now thinks its easy just to leave when people like a decade ago stood by their wife/husbands through thick and this.. isn't that what you promised before you said i do? Im not asking to go and kill someone to get her back, just remember... dont let your loyalty make a fool outta you.

    • thanks how long do think i should wait until i call one day at a time i can't believe someone can throw a year away a forget it like it never happened and if they can then they didn't really love me anyway and was faking it the whole time

    • Give it like 3 weeks or a month... and try to wing it and not sound like u were planning to call her for a while.. after like 2 more calls (after this call u made) and leave her options open.. if she doesn't get back to you in like a week just move on.. You guys really should be together though I mean were talking about the rest of both of your lives

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  • Her picking up the phone is a good sign. But more importantly, it depends on why she left in the first place. If there was cheating (hopefully not), that's a betrayal of trust and it's really hard to come back from that. If she says she doesn't love you anymore, that's even harder. It sounds like you really want her back so I wish good things for you!

    • no cheating just a misunderstanding and she is young and has never been in love before i just wish she would talk to me and straightn it out or move on and it would hurt if she says she dont love me thanks for your positive thought i guess its all up to her but how long can i wait

  • I think it's a good start, I really hope everything works out for you.

  • That could mean that she listened because she cares about what you have to say. She might miss you and is too afraid to admit it. Girls are stubborn.


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