I need hope to survive this can anyone tell me a really fu*ked up love story that worked at the end?

my relationship ended really bad
the guy i love doesn't think i'm the one anymore
yet I can make sure i am with so many things

he thinks i'm a kid tho I'm 21 but maybe yeah i overreact things but in real shit I can act like 30 ..

he left me and my cousin talks to him every once in a while
he said he got someone, and that he goes to parties with girls and stuff

and I know i can really feel it, he's only saying that because he wants me to believe he moved on

he knows i'm a good girl, and he is the only guy i had
i don't put status on whatsapp to show i'm sad or happy
i'm staying away because i know he wants me to

i'm giving him space to miss me since thats the reason for the break up

my jealousy , not giving him space, and my family

we were suppose to be married next year, " when he finishes college " now since he left i live in the fear of him being with someone else

what should i do to bring him back? and i really need any story to give me hope, that even if its fucked up it can be fixed :(


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  • A fucked up story I been through...

    Me and my boy friend hv been together 5 years am 21...

    First 2 years was heaven everything was fine until he cheated he started hanging with people of his pst bad friend he stoped paying attention to me we was fighting all the time I even had a miscarriage after a while I just lost it and gave up we tried mke it work it just wasn't the same I endedup cheating... He found out we broke up... We was on a on and off untill one day we decided to leave everything in the pst nd move on now we have a child together who is turning 1 soon

    We are so happy together and we stop talking to most of our friends that was fake to us..

    Wen we broke up he ddnt wnt anyrhing to do with me he started parting and hving sex with anything with legs people say I shouldn't get bk with him but I did not care we bk he has change n choose me over everything today hetreats me like a queen girls re jealous

    • thank you very much for sharing this because i'm living it right now and i really hope it ends this way because he was my first in everything and I could never see myself with anyone but him,,

      congrats for the baby and i wish for you all the best with your man and the baby <3

    • Well babe I hope you end up happy and thank you goos luck to you too x

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  • Here's a story. It's from a tv show, but I don't see why it couldn't happen to someone for real: Girl likes a guy, he likes her back. They are in a relationship and in love. They have a mutual friend, but he secretly loves the girl and wants her for himself. So he organises a party and gets his chick friend to spike the girl's drink. The girl drinks it and passes out. The evil friend takes her to his bedroom, undresses her and puts her in his bed and lies down with her. The boyfriend is looking for her and enters the room, sees the pic, thinks she cheated on him. Leaves. 10 years later he meets that chick who spiked his gf. She confesses the truth. The boyfriend accidentally finds her and they get back together.

    Another story: poor girl and wealthy guy get together. Move in together. His mother is not happy because the girl is poor. So she hires a man (who pretends to be there to "fix" the bathroom sink) and he drugs the poor girl, also lies down in bed with her. The wealthy bf comes home and sees it, thinks she cheated. Except in this tv show, they don't get together. The chic becomes an alcoholic and dies. The guy ends up with his ex, who cheated on him and is a major bitch.

    I don't know if this guy is right for you, hon. He left first and seems to be having a ball with those chicks at a club. I think the best way to try to get him back is to not care and do the same thing. Go out and have fun. Show him that you don't need him in your life. They usually come running back when they see how well you're doing without them.

  • A fucked up love story that ends happily, by me:

    There once was a girl named Acadia, she was very very much in love with this boy, they dated for 2 years straight, madly in love. Eventually they began fighting to no end, he tried controlling her, and changing her to fit his standards. When she wouldn't give in, and refused to change who she was he left her. Leaving her absolutely heart broken.

    Fast forward one year:
    She's at a party, standing awkwardly at the sidelines because she's not very good when it comes to strangers. A very handsome young man comes up to her and introduces himself. They get talking, and he is the most sweet, romantic, gentleman there ever was. They fall in love, and live happily ever after:)

    • thank you for sharing this story dear <3 i appreciate it

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