I'm holding on and I don't know why?

Long story short me and my ex dated for a year and broke up at the end of May. In that one year we had the same goals and our families thought we were going to get married. We always stayed busy and had plans.. She even drove 2 hrs to see me on most weekends and bought me expensive things like Xbox one etc.. I haven't spoke to her since the end of June and my last text to her was basically apologizing for me blowing up the previous text which we both used hurtful words and wished her and her son nothing but the best. July 4th weekend she jumped into another relationship and now I'm stuck with memories of her in this city. I hooked up with a girl during the split but damn I never thought about settling down with someone else like she did. Now I'm trying to figure out if she's missing me because I got a private call last weekend when I went out with my buddies and didn't think a anything about it, then the next morning I received another private call so I answered hoping it was her, no one said anything and hung up after I said hello 3 times.. I'm strong at times but then memories of her just bring me down.. Going crazy I think😔 �� 😔😔


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  • Damn bro I'm sorry but why didn't you keep texting her. I bet she did miss you. But what did you say to her that she move on to another relationship that quick. This girl was really into you if she did all those things. i understand how to feel man. It's a really hurtful feeling.

    • Just petty shit.. Baby daddy issues at first but we settled that out and became cool with one another. At the end of our relationship it was over social media, just seemed like she needed attention from other ppl. I could do without social media but she lived by it. At first she wanted space that's why I didn't initiate but she would text to see what I'm doing etc, some nice and some hate texts.. Haven't spoke to her since she's been in a relationship

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