Feeling lonely what can u do?

Hi everyone I have been single 2 months and feel lonely and depressed that I have no one... I have always been in relationships and this time it's hurting the most.. I feel like everyone is getting on with their lifes whilst I'm just on my own. I have a daughter she's away atm so maybe that's why it's worse... I broke up with my ex as I fell out of love with him and we couldn't stay friends.. he could be quite aggressive when he couldn't get his way at times that's with his speech and not violence... he ended up getting a restraining order against me because of these issues.. I still feel I miss him but know in time it will fade but can't help feeling sad and lonely all the time
Hi everyone.. I'm feeling more positive about the future now and just think that while my daughter was away it just added to the depression... I just need to focus on the good things in my life and enjoy them!


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  • Focus on your life, Find out new hobbies to do, At 30, it might seem like a pretty important thing to have a partner and stuff but well, Maybe you would have a better chance if you built the mojo (self esteem thingy) once again, learned new things, Took interests in other things besides dating because trust me, Guys always prefer women who are charismatic and lively. Maybe you miss him but it was never meant between you two, All will be well in time, Just don't worry so much, worry gets us nowhere. Hope this helped :)


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  • you post is very confusing, especially where you say he got a restraining order against YOU. perhaps that was a misstatement, but if it is the case then one might conclude you have issues with obsession and anger.

    "I have always been in relationships and this time it's hurting the most." This kind of pattern behavior suggests that your partners as individuals are alway secondary to them fulfilling this generic need. Perhaps as individuals they don't matter at all to you.

    Back and forth you go. You fall out of love with him, but that is impossible since you never truly were in love with him, only the role he played in your life. You imply maybe his verbal anger caused this, and yet again we come back to the restraining order. All through this there is one tertiary but very important individual who seems to have been overlooked... your daughter. This leads me to believe that intertwined in all of this mess is the dark motive that as a single mom you have lured men into your life without telling them that they are being recruited as a replacement daddy. In this case, and given financial exigencies you are probably just frightened out of your wits.

    Any way you slice it you are going to have to centralize and focus yourself on the stage of life you are in and the responsibilities attendant upon it. Leave everyone else out and above all stop dating.

    • Hi there.. sorry it was meant to be the other way round.. I got the restraining order against him.. I found out that his ex also had one and that's why he has to see his son in a contact centre

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, You Dont Really Miss Him, You Just Miss The Idea Of Somebody, All You Can Do Is Put Yourself Into The Market & Get Out...

    • Thanks everyone all good advice which is what I needed :-)

  • Yes, love can be segregating so lonely will result when it turns to single times - the remedy is to reinvest in social gatherings of all kinds and just mingle. It's easier to join activities where all have something in common like church, dancing, volunteering, sports clubs, gyms, etc. Lonely takes a hike afterwards. P. S. leave the memories of ex OUT of these conversations... just 10 words or less will satisfy others

    • Thanks it means a great deal to get some good advice

  • Maybe a break from relationships is good right now. Being with someone that much can sometimes lead to a person "losing" themselves. Just do what it is that makes you happy, pick up a hobby, exercise, hang out with friends and/or family.

    • Yeah I'm going to start getting fit again.. I'm also on the Herbalife plan which is good too

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