How do you try to forget your ex / stop missing him/her?

A 4 weeks ago my ex gf suddenly broke up with me. Since then we don't see eachother and don't contact eachother anymore.

Before she broke up with me she askend me if we should take a break, I didn't like that at all, so I said no. Then she broke up with me.

I hate missing her, 2 weeks ago I thought I was getting over her, but last week when working she slipped in my mind again and hasn't left it ever since.

I hate it, at one time I hopes she texts me saying she misses me and at one time I just want to move on and forget about her.

How do you try to forget your ex?


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  • Honestly give yourself time to be upset... like for a good chunk of time just let it out, moap and have pity parties... just let time drag and honestly feel it.. then like after a while start to hold back a little and keep that up and then just stop... I know its no different advice but i did this.. i like died for 2 or 4 months like everything was just messed up and slowly i started to hold back a bit and somedays i did break down and honestly one morning.. it just stopped. Thats so weird but like life will get tired of bringing you down at one point but make it your point to do so. JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT HER! as common as that advice is, it really works. Your the owner of your mind and responsible for the dumb ish you do... when you think of her automatically just steer yourself away from it.. I know it seems hard but honestly i gave it a try and a handful of tries later my brain was too tired to drive all this way for some bs that happened and i pray won't happen again... trust me you will get over it.. you won't be thinking about her when you see the love of your life walk down that aisle for you and together take on the whole world and the life ahead.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, To Get Over An Ex You Have To Allow Time To Pass, Also Stop Holding On To Her (As Far As Wanting Her To Maybe Text You.) Over Time You'll Feel Better...


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