Why he never apologied when I confront him (my bf) that he texted a woman for a date? Why he did not feel guilty at all?

Im 36 yo and my b' friend is 53 yo. We met 3 months ago via a matchmaker Lisa in NYC. We clicked right away and became exclusive in our 3rd week of dating. We see each other 4days a week from Thursday to Sunday. We were so close to each other. The story began when i saw a text message with a picture popped up on his Ipad while we were on vacation. He let me use his ipad, and with the sexy provocative woman picture on the screen my heart was bounding but i didn't confront him, not until 2 weeks ago that he replied her text messages, his message pretty flirtatious, so i confronted him with this message, with 2 hours of arguement, and he texted this woman back telling her that he is seeing someone seriously, so we had agreed this is a small blow. He wasn't happy with me knowing i checked his texts, so password changed. I was with him the next day evening we agree to recover our fight together, we spent our romantic night laying on coach watching movie, so at the time we were about to go to bed, sleeping side by side he needed to finish a text, right after he finished the text there was a list of recent texts popped on the screen and right away i saw his text to Chloe (another woman) saying "I can't wait to meet you" quickly that he saw my face turning blue, he quickly changed subject, so i decided not to confront him that night. With another investigation on his ipad, i found out about Chloe that she is another woman that the match maker want my bf to meet, that was before we committed. 2 days later I couldnt help myself and confronted him about Chloe, he completely went off saying he didn't know any women named Chloe, and was so angry on the, telling me I made a mistake to accuse him with another woman. I told him i saw the message without telling him i found out Chloe is another match from Lisa and i told him i couldnt trust him anymore so he said he had enough of me as well. Since then we didn't talk for 2 weeks, and he didn't even apology, i left feeling horrible.


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  • He didn't apologize because he's a cheating jerk.


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