Why does he keep staring at me?

I'd talked to him awhile ago and we slept together but, I'm over that though. Away we had an argument and stop talking for a month. Longest it's ever been just yesterday I'm coming home, and I see him driving up the street. I knew it was him so I tried to avoid eye contact. That was a normal reaction because I hate him. Now I thought he was gone the whole time he driving slow and keep looking at me. Like my reaction was fuck him his reaction was different why?


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  • does he live in your neighborhood? maybe he still likes you and wants to get your attention by seeing you.. don't ignore him, just tell him that it didn't work out. you have to be very direct with guys,, we are slow.

    • Yes he do live in my neighborhood and we been had that conversation over and over again he either ignore it or talk in circles I believe he is hiding something

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