Still in love with my ex, and she is too?

My girlfriend of almost a year and I were madly in love. We had everything I've ever wanted. We've had arguments and we even took a break one time. But we've always made up. It feels like there's no problem we couldn't conquer. A few weeks ago, she suddenly changed. She stopped talking to me as much, and stopped hanging out with me or her friends as much. I don't know what happened. Besides her texting me less and spending less time together, when we were together, everything was fine. We were both just as happy as ever. When school started, we started growing closer again and everything was better. Football was starting, I had this amazing girlfriend, and my life was perfect. 7 days ago, she broke up with me. We went to eat after school, and everything was fine. I did kind of feel something out of place, but everything went normal.. We said goodbye and kissed. I called her on the way home to ask her on a date this weekend. She said she thought she already had plans. About 5 minutes later she texted me: "I think I need a break." I didn't panic because just like always, we'd talk it out and if she needed a break she'd get it. When I asked her what was wrong, she said "I just have a lot going on right now, and it's my senior year. I don;t want to be tied down. I'm just not happy." She went on to say she loves me, and she just needs time. She said she still wants to hang out every once in a while. First of all I just don' understand. My heart is torn to shreds but I still want her more than anything. I feel like we belong together and I've got to get her back. I've been talking to her a little, but keeping my distance for a week. Two of my best friends are good friends with her but she hasn't talked to them about it at all. We were supposed to hang out after the game the other night but she went home. I know I can win her back, but I just really need some support and advice before I make any mistakes.


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  • Ok this answer might worry u but did she seem a little depressed or does she get bullied cause if so pulling back from relationships can be a sign of self harm..

  • It sounds like she is giving you the run around, I'd recommend breaking things off with her, & finding someone else.


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