Tips on getting over someone you really loved?

My last ex boyfriend is the guy I really fell in love with. We were on and off over 7 times and that went on for a year and a half.

But it seems that whenever we were "off" he'd go to this other girl. He'd never actually date her, just fool around. But after a week or so, he'd come crawling back, each time I proceeded with caution and we'd last for another two months or so.

Sometime in June, I started speaking to another boy (who I am with now) so my ex had given up on me. I felt great for awhile but then I saw that my ex actually began a relationship with that girl. This has been bothering me ever since I found out. I feel very jealous and that she stole"my happiness" because all I ever wanted was to settle down with my ex.

It's starting to interfere with the feelings I have for my current boyfriend who really deserves the best.

Any tips on how I can finally get over my ex? I would like to talk to my boyfriend about him but he seems to shut down when I bring up his name.


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  • Look I hate situations like this cause im kinda in this situation to myself but im the ex boyfriend that ur jealous of look all I have to say is dont play with ppls feelings ur jealous because u miss him its tuff to let someone go its not easy its not somthing opinions from other people can service its up to u and your decision to drop it


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  • Distract yourself and do things that you love. Don't let what your ex is doing get to your head. My ex broke up with me like 5 months ago, over stupid excuses I guess he wasn't "ready" to put commitment and all that into a relationship. I was broken for a while and we even go to the same school but over the summer I've lost feelings for him and they are no longer there. I just kept my head up and just kept walking like I didn't even see him and I'm still doing it. We still haven't talked for 5 months and probably never will because of the way he treated me and cheated on me etc. Whatever you have him on whatever social network block him on all of them, if you have his number delete it. Try to not to bring up his name keep it in the back of your head.


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  • Alright, i am jot fully over this guy yet but!
    Alwayss listen to upbeat music, never sad! No matter how much the song relates too you always listen to happy music! Example Problem: Ariana grande!

    Stay active, dont sit at home bawling your eyes out, i do that sometimes and its not good at all! Okay i am not being a negative nancy but i woke up one day thinking "i'm finally over him." Thinking that for a week and realised i went back to how it was.. still loving him! Its been 6 weeks and i am still not over him & he goes to my school! Keep active with friends and family, dont pay attention to him! Have fun! Its hard but worth it! I know how you feel!
    Thing is, you can't forget him! You can't expect to move on so fast! You never forget your first love! Its hard i know but time and moments is the only way! I know how you feel! Try not to look on his instagram, Facebook etc! It makes you more upset!

    You have got so much more living to do!

  • I wish I had some good tips but I haven't. Just block him everywhere, Facebook instagtam I don't know just eveywhere. And do some nice things with your friends, also when you're sad. Goodluck! Hope you'll forget him. i know I can't forget someone I love, so I'm just trying to convince him haha


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