What the hell is going on?

I just don't get it
about a month ago I was talking to my ex girlfriend on whatsapp and decided to ask if she wanted to get back together, she said no but a week ago a friend ask her why did she answer that and she said that I should have asked in person, so I was going to do it but a day before she told my friend that she wanted to focus on her studies, I decided to drop it but now it turns out that she's pissed off because I'm hanging out with one of her friends.
Does she want me back? Should I tell her that I'm still in love with her and that I wanna be with her?


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  • mate you're young and you're in high school. be single live the single life with no strings attached

  • Ah high school drama. To be young and confused

    Ask her out again in person. With flowers

    • but what's going on in her head?

    • You need to talk to her face to face with no people around that could influence her, and that might help you figure it out. People are way too complicated -_-

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