I need some opinions! Broke up. No contact for 1 week. Too soon to talk or ask him for this?

Our break up wasn't bad, and we weren't super upset with each other or anything. We just drifted apart over time (probably due to my inability to fully trust- and be willing to have sex) and the split was fairly anti-climatic for a 2 year relationship.

It's been a week and we've had no contact besides one text on the first day of the week where I told him I'd give him all the time he needs and I'd be there when he was ready to talk and if he wanted to talk about anything and him texting back that he still have feelings. Because durring our break-up he didn't say much. He didn't say anything at all except asking me if that's what I wanted and I had said yes.

So-- it's been a week. And i'm trying to just go with the flow, and wait out the week because school will be starting soon and then I'll have things to occupy my mind. But today I was just looking at my class schedule and I was really excited by some of the things on the syllabus that I started to reach for the phone to call him and tell him and I realized I told him I would give him space.. and I just lost it. I miss him so much. I can't stand not having him to talk to, or hearing what he's up to.

Should I just keep trying to move forward or should I text him? And if I do what should I say and is it too soon? Because I just want us to restart, back at friendship and see if we can grow what we had back again.. i don't want to jump into anything and I think by saying I miss him he'll assume i want back into our old relationship.. but what I want is to retry a new relationship with each other. I guess you could say I want a do-over.

But maybe that's just childish, and an asshole move...

any opions?


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  • I think you should tell him exactly that! don't leave out anything, he might understand, you never know. be ready for any reaction, though. but i'd personally talk to him. communication is key.


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