Opinions? please it will really help?

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I am a 20 year old guy that is a current full time student. I meet my ex at school within the first 2 weeks of being up here freshman year and we fell in love instantly. We started dating not even a month of being up there and we were together almost 2 years.

My relationship with her i thought was great. we were best friends as well as boyfriend/girlfriend a loved every second i was with her. i was always the kind of person where making other people happy made me happy. so because I'm like this i always put her happiness above mine and was fine with it. Through out the relationship we never really argued and she always assured me that i was right for her by saying " i can't see myself with anyone but you" and said this until the week before we broke up.

Now in the middle of July was when she broke up with me. i was set to go see her and drove up an hour to her house. As soon as i got there i knew something was wrong. we started talking and she told me that up at school she was going to be needing more space and without argument i agreed and thought it would be best. so we continued talking and then i finally said i want to take you to dinner because i felt bad she was upset. I take her to dinner and after we ate in the car she told me she wanted to break up because she needed space.

I was devastated because i really did and still do love this girl. i had her take me back to my car and i went home. now she told me that me contacting her was pushing her away and we didn't talk for 6 weeks until we got to school.
I found out through the grape vine that about 3 weeks (I'm not 100% sure but thats my best guess) she started talking to another guy. i know through an unnamed source that he was confessing his love to her and all this sappy crap that even girls looked at it and said it was sappy. I think he's a rebound but I'm not really sure.
what do i do from here? i just need opinions
She wants to talk this week and I have no idea what to say. She wants closure but I want her back any ideas please
Someone else please?


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  • I'm so sorry this happened to you. It could be just a rebound. Or she could have been cheering on you the whole time. Some girls are unfaithful. My advice. Take a break from girls. Hang out with the guys and then hit the dating game again.

    (Then again… What do I know? I've never had a boyfriend before so…)


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If You Want Her Back Then iSuggest Telling Her How You Feel, If She Rejects You Then Back Off, Dont Become Her Friend At The Time Until You Allow Your Feelings To Settle...


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