Think like a man but how? Why does he act like this?

My ex broke up with me about 3mths ago and even had a gf and last time he saw me talking to a guy and he got jealous he was bothered the entire day but would not say why.. I could guess what was wrong it wasn't until the end of the day I asked again and he finally admitted it bothered him but even when I asked if we can be together he said how we are so different. Why does he get jealous but cnt be with me? Is he taking it slow? What? Any opinion matters


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  • Just forget about him it sucks when us gals cry and give so much but we get nothing in return. They dont see what they have. If he says that then tell him why does it bother you were not together. Men are just to much sometimes lol good luck girl

    • Thank u.. and yeah its been really hard because I dnt understand why wld he get jealous unless he cares still so that gives me hope to continue to fight for us

    • Yeah but do your own thing if he's ment to come back he will. Lets just hope its not late. You might just find someone better.

    • Your right but I dont want anybody else :(

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  • He Still Has Feelings For You. He Is Also Stringing You A Long While He Has Another Girl, iKnow You Have Feelings For Him But You Need To Cut All Strings With Him. Move On With Your Life...

    • Actually he already broke up with her recently actually

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