My ex-boyfriend is mad at me and I don't know what to do?

So, my boyfriend and I broke up around a week ago. It wasn't particularly clean and easy, but it wasn't messy. We both still had feelings for each other but determined this was the healthiest thing to do (he was making me unhappy), and we agreed on being friends later down the line. Anyway, we go to school together and have not interacted since the breakup. From what I understand, this is because he needs space until he feels "emotionally normal" enough to be friends with me. I respect this entirely and have been giving him space, but just yesterday i found out that he was hooking up with a girl this past summer who happens to go to our school. I was very hurt, confronted him about it, and he admitted he feels shitty and that I have a right to be mad at him. However, I later texted asking if he is still hooking up with this girl/planning on hooking up with her again – he said he is not, and I followed by saying that the biggest favor he can do for me is be honest. This apparently pissed him off because he flipped and texted back "you never believe me. i dont care goodbye." He later said that he's mad at me because he always tells the truth and I never believe him, and that he's tired of saying the same stuff over and over again especially since we broke up (even though this was our first form of contact since the breakup, and I feel I had every right to be asking him for honesty). He ended it by saying he wants me to leave him alone for now. I'm confused because he wronged me, but now he's flipped it over and turned me into the person who should feel bad/sorry? I don't know what to do in this scenario and i'm not sure if he'll hold onto this anger for a while (I dont want him to stay angry with me)? Most importantly I don't want us to be on bad terms which is why i hope this anger subsides...


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  • I think you should try to block him out of your life for a while, don't try to find out things about him as it will just hurt you and confuse you. If he's moving on, maybe it's just how he is dealing with the break-up and it does hurt but in some cases, ignorance really is bliss. Maybe he's flipped out at you because he can't handle speaking to you right now as it hurts him too much.


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  • Well just give it time dont worry so much u guys are not even together rite so just let him cool off the best thing to do is y'all should not even talk for awhile then reconnect


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