Um hi was saying these girl and... Help!?

So I dated this girl for three year's almost and they were great we were on and off a lot and she did most of the dumping because I couldn't ever hurt her we had reasons of why we were off and on a lot tho but we loved each other I would have taken a bullet for her I was 100% sure she loved me just as much but then thats when she moved and also changing schools as well I knew that things were only gonna get bad so I tried breaking up with her but I couldn't bring myself to do it so I didn't a couple months later our relationship seemed solid until she dumped me saying that we dont see each other anymore and we just need to move on this hurts me a lot because I thought this was really it but we end up getting back together just a couple weeks later we were talking about how much we loved each other then thats when she said what if I broke up with u I said Lol I don't know and she said its over and I thought she was kidding but then I realized she wasn't she really dumped me and if u thought thats bad she dumped me for another guy this hurts a lot and we break up a lot but this was serious i tried texting her but she blocked me and wouldn't talk to me I didn't understand then after Finally she got the idea that I wasn't gonna stop trying to get in contact with her until she texted back and then one day she texted me... she said she's in love with someone else and that she dumped me for him and that if she keep textin or talking she would fall for me all over again I felt terrible because I thought she loved me regardless so I told her how she made me feel and everything and told her good bye for good this time and im still in love with her and I miss a lot her I been thinking if I just go see or visit her she would... I dont know love me again I guess but im so lost help!


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  • That is a fine wall of text you have constructed there, sir.

    • Yeah that was accidental but no advice

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  • My initial response to your post: Move on, sir. She has repeatedly and trivially left you, which indicates compatibility issues. If she sincerely was in love with you as she claimed, she would have swiftly shut down any guy attempting to disrupt the continuity between you two.

    Nonetheless, judging you, I am not. You asked a question, and my answer is, from this moment forward, cease all begging and crying to her. Cease arguing your case to be with her, and for Pete's sake, do not visit her. For you are unknowingly giving her the impression that you are needy and clinging, and without a backbone. And most women, as history indicates, do not respect guys. Therefor, she will continue to devalue you and look down on you if it continues.

    Having said that, there needs to be shake up, a change in her opinion of you, in a radical way. This requires you to back off much for the moment. Focus on yourself, improve, if need be. Then, the next time you communicate with her, project independence and confidence. Basically, give the appearance that your life is well with or without her. Otherwise, I suggest that you do not bother with trying to win her back.


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