Win my ex husband back!!!?

My ex and I split 2 months ago. We went to the same party 2 weeks ago and I hooked up. He got really pissed and moved out. How can I win him back? We also have a 1 year old daughter to think about


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  • Hooked up with who?

    Split 2 months ago but moved out 2 weeks ago?

    Pissed about?

    I'm sure it's all clear in your mind but I don't have a clear window to peer into your life w/o better fool-proof details from which to work

    • Who i hooked up with doesn't really matter. It was just someone that had i not been drink, i would never have gone near
      We split up but were still living together because we were really good friends
      He got pissed because his friends stuck their noses in our business and commented on how pissed they were about it.
      I dont exactly know why his so pissed about it, considering we were split up at the time.
      We have talked about it since but he says his just not ready to sort things out yet.
      Its a really hard situation to explain
      But we split up at first because we were constantly fighting, and wanted to take a step back to sort things out and then i got extremely intoxicated because i was unhappy about it and then that happened. Does that make sence

    • Better idea now of events, thanks... I am thinking the best way to get the ex back is to promise to give up alcohol and to never fight with him ever again. Whatever he says... is law from now on. Beg that his side of the deal is to move back in together and be a loving couple, forget the past & ignore those slept with. IF this can't be negotiated, then you are forced to shop for the ex's replacement - this time one that doesn't fight all the time.

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  • Yeah, that's not going to happen.


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