My bf and I got into a fight and he called me a bitch and stuff?

So basically, my boyfriend and I got into a fight earlier.. through text. He went on about how I've changed so much but I know he only said that because earlier in the day at school I had really bad cramps and I wasn't in the best mood. He said lately I'm being a bitch, which I don't even understand because for starters we haven't even talked for a while and honestly he's the one changing, he's being more arrogant whereas this is the first time I have ever been a tiny bit mad at him. When we talk, we don't even talk like as if we're together, we talk like we're only friends! I hate that!
Throughout the fight he called me a bitch and an idiot. I find that disrespectful and he has called me an idiot in the past but I let it go because I thought he naturally addresses people like that. But seriously, I've had enough!
Whilst we were fighting he kept changing the topic, and at the end I let him change the topic. He acts like nothing even happened! He stopped replying as soon as I replied to his little story about what happened earlier in the day to him.

I don't even know what to do! Should I break up with him, should I say sorry, should I talk to him tomorrow about it (not through text)? If I should talk to him about it, what do I say to him?

And also, we've been together for 6 months and this was our first argument.


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  • Don't end it yet. Y'all's relationship is still very new.
    Him calling you a bitch is unacceptable and you need to address that issue. Don't give him an ultimatum that if he calls you one again that you'll dump him, because it is going to happen again until he learns to better control himself when he's upset. Y'all need too work on y'all's conflict resolution skills, as a couple.

    And odds are that y'all both are changing, so y'all are both right.
    Being on your period is no excuse to be a bitch.

    • No I'm not on my period. I was just having really bad cramps and I couldn't talk or do anything properly and he got all mad at me. And thanks

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  • I think you should break up with him, if he is not taking the time to at least answer questions you have or even have a nice conversation with you he he is not worth your mind. because if you don't really talk or do something about it, then it is only going to get worse. Just break up with and see at least if he would listen if not just dump him, it is just a waste of time

    • Thankyou, I'm actually thinking of breaking up with him now :) <3

    • that is great you deserve someone who will make you feel special not degrading
      kinda cliche but true :)))

    • Thankyou haha I agree with you on that

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  • To be honest, I completely understand how you feel. You must feel lost, empty and disappointed being called a bitch and idiot by someone you love. Personally, I feel like you should let him know that these offensive words are mentally abusing. If he calls you negative names again, I believe it’s time for you to go find a real man instead of staying with this boy. Just imagine life with him in the future...

  • maybe he's falling out of love for you, sorry to say but this is the only reason a guy would be such a jerk like that.


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