Heartbroken. Feel lonely and misunderstood. Trust issues after years together?

What would you do if the person you love and spent years together think you not worth because you made a mistake in the beginning of your relationship? Do you think someone can still judge you and think you not worth of his/her trust when in fact the person changed, realized the mistake and was truly sorry? Can a person question your integrity after years that the person know you have been faithful?
Can a person claim they know what is on someone's mind?
What if that person (the one with trust issues) made a mistake recently and you forgave and tried to understand and was willing to trust is that person being reasonable not be willing to trust you back?


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  • dear anonymous:
    trust issue is one of the basic principles of any successful relationship. when you are not in my life SO you are not authorized to punish me. I have the past you have the future. you may consider my past mistakes as an indication but after Repentance it should be deleted. trust is like account in a bank day by day your account become bigger then if I withdraw one pound you close my account completely. this is nonsense. moreover if did a mistake very very long time ago means it is already had been deleted by aging. ALLAH do accept the repentance from any person what about a man why does not he accept. good luck.


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  • This just shows that ur the bigger person trust issues are common it shows this person cares and is afraid of getting hurt trust is a hard thing to regain it take time for some just ur gonna be fine

    • How about 10 years is it enough time to trust a person, if that person never lied again? Or the fact that you lied makes you not worth for the rest of your life?

  • That happens to guys too - if a guy admits to a girl (after 10 years together) that he once went to a hooker before they ever met, is it fair that she dumps him, even after he's been faithful for 10 years?

    • I would be upset and question myself why he hid it for 10 years I would question what else more he could be hidden. But, would be willing to understand and listen. As long as would not be any more surprises I would be ok.

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