Ex boyfriend won't quit?

My ex boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me in march and immediately started a new relationship. I completely blocked/cut him out of my life but he keeps trying to hack into my social media accounts. I know it's him because the location comes up. Why is he doing this? He has a gf that he tells everyone he's in love with so why bother me? Thanks for reading.


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  • This is no good. Get a restraining order against him.

    • Will it cover cyberstalking? Because I was thinking of getting one. I cannot ask him to stop because he will deny that it's him doing it. Smh! Frustrating!

    • I believe it should work. However, if he keeps on doing it report the police if it gets/is really annoying. Also, he might still be into you by the looks of it.

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  • My thought is, if he broke up with u then he's the idiot because him hacking into your social media is showing he still wants u. But he doesn't want to say that. His goal is to make u feel miserable but you should just move on because that idiot ain't worth time.

  • He is a Loser.. If you have shared your password with him. Pleas change it and please try to update your profile and take a break for sometime, before some one falls for you. And keep updating pics with your friends where you are happy and enjoying


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