Should I do something to get her back?

II did it once but it was on WhatsApp so she said no, then a friends ask her why did she answer that and she said that I should have asked in person and that I should change, I was going to do it but a day before she told my friend that she wanted to focus on her studies and she couldn't handle a boyfriend, so I decided to drop it but now she's pissed off because I hang out with one of her friends, I sent her a message but she didn't answer
Isn't she interested anymore? Is she playing hard? Should I do something to get her back like sending her a letter telling that I love her and I miss her pretty much or something like that?
  • sounds like you are really into her, try to get her back
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  • move on, you moron!!
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  • If you really still like her you could always try.. what is there to lose? But I wonder, if you still really like her, why do you hang out with one of her friends? Or is it more like in a friendly way? Because if you are romantically involved with one of her friends, I do understand that she is mad with you and then she probably doesn't want you back. I don't think that from you're story it is able to really tell if she still likes you. I don't think she is playing hard to get, maybe she is trying to get over you..

    Could you answer my question in return?


What Guys Said 1

  • You really should elaborate a bit more to make your question easier to answer, things such as how long you were together, how much you like her, if you love her, why you hang out with her friend now, etc...

    From what I read in your question, you don't seem to like her that much, but it's a little hard to decide due to lack of information. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend for a short time before and I got her back by simply rationally speaking to her, understanding why she wanted to break up (it was actually out of her hands) and we sorted everything out and happily dated for another year. Well I actually wrote her a love note too for when we worked everything out.


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