I recently broke up with my long term girlfriend. I thought it was mutual but now I'm not so sure?

After happily dating for a year and a half, me and my girlfriend broke up, this was just over a month ago now. We broke up as I had to leave the country that we both lived in after attempting long distance (which was her idea), for a month. During our relationship we had a small break-up due to her mother pushing her to do so, but it only lasted a week, other than that we actually never fought, went on dates and met up as frequently as we could and were completely in love with each other.

Now that we've broken up, it's hit me harder than I expected, I've started drinking and smoking weed every single night just to avoid thinking about the situation as it makes me want to break down crying when I think about everything.

The main reason we mutually broke up was because her parents wanted her to go to the USA for university next year and I moved back to the UK this summer. I didn't want our relationship to be the reason that she moved to the UK for university as I thought she would of been wasting her grant and I would of felt awful if we had eventually split up on other terms.

So we broke up after a month of long distance due to this reason although she told me that the month we spent apart was very hard for her, but the main reason was down to university. We spoke for the first three days yet we constantly fought which really hurt us both so we stopped talking for a while. My birthday was 14 days after we broke up and she didn't even wish me a happy birthday so I messaged her for the first time in about ten days and told her that it really hurt me. She then apologised and said she regretted not speaking to me for so long, I agreed and we texted for three days and everything was well. She then told me that the day after we broke up she found out that she could only go to the UK for uni but she didn't tell me that for two weeks. She doesn't want to get back together, even though we still love each other. That was the reason we broke up and it hurts so much.
She then texted me a message intended for her friend saying "he's stopped texting me now" yet we hadn't texted in about twelve hours, so I asked what she meant and she wouldn't tell me who it was about. What should I do?


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  • You need to let it go, as much as it hurts. Long distance relationships do not work.


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