What's my ex playing at?

We have been separated for over two years and until I joined a domestic violence centre he stalked me constantly even though the split was mutual. Today after a long time, he drove past me slowly with a blonde in the passenger seat and smirked nastily at me! He has done this once before with her in the car when he pulled out suddenly in front of me but that was going back one and half years ago. This time she noticed what he was doing and looked peeved! I'm 31 she's around 50 and he is in his sixties, He was my NLP tutor when we met and after 3 years I discovered his ex partner who he claimed had cancer did not have cancer and was his long term partner of over 23 years despite them living separately and there being no trace of her in his flat. Stupidly I stayed another 3 years and went through hell as he cheated with a student he was seeing before me and others.
Any advice on why he's driving past and smirking after all this time apart?


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  • He's obsessed with you
    so when you rejected him
    he's out to show you he can get other hot gals/trophies
    it's an ego problem for him
    he's "hurting you" like "you hurt him" rejection
    his IQ as teacher might be high but his emotional IQ is very low

    • He never treated me like he liked me much when I was with him, the split was mutual and it is over two years separated and 1 and half since he stopped stalking though...

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    • I'm not with anyone as I am contented with it just being myself and my child.

    • At the end of the day he is the sad, pathetic one for feeling the need to drive down my street but can't see how desperate it makes him look after 2 years to feel the need to show off with a woman I already saw him do the same thing with after we split. He's the one coming on my patch, I'd NEVER go by his house.

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