This girl hurt me mentally, help?

Ok so basically I dated this girl for three year's almost thats the longest I have been in any relationship ever but we were on and off a lot but we loved each a lot and I would have taken a bullet for her and one day she moved away and changed schools so i wasn't able to see her but she didn't move to far I think if I really wanted to I could go and visit her but its hard rite now... A couple weeks later after she moved she dumped me and we are off and on a lot but I really thought this was it because she was saying how we dont see each other anymore I felt so terrible but I got over her and I got a new gf too but then we started talking again and we really hit it off we basically reconnected some how and I was so happy at the time I broke up with my gf that I was currently with for her she also knew I had a gf and some other reasons to but mostly for her I think because my ex was coming on to me so I made my move and we got back together and a couple weeks later she dumped me for another guy rite after we were talking about how much we love each other I know she did cause her face book said taken by some guy and she had a pic of her and him I was so mad and depressed I couldn't breath Finally after texting and bugging her cause she was ignoring me for some reason she texted me saying yes she broke up with me for another guy and that she couldn't text me cause she would fall for me all over again so I couldn't take anymore of what she was saying so I told her bye for good this time and now i fell horrible but I still love her and I miss her a lot im thinking if I go see her for the first time in a long time she would come running back into my arms but im unsure if she's worth it I can move on but I keep thinking and bringing her name up I dont want to give up do I deserve this and is this another phase pleassssssee help she says she loves this guy


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  • Whoa! Take a breath, seriously.

    Look, it sucks, but the reality is 3 years is a long time to waste on a relationship with someone that isn't stable in her own feelings. She comes in & out of your life when you're moving on, & leaves you hanging when you back into her. This is a mindgame, & one you can't afford to play.

    She's moved on, regardless of what she tells you. She's using what you feel. for her to HER advantage. You're her backup. And she will keep doing this to you, if you allow it. It's time to move on, for good. Remove her from your life. Take the time to truly heal. Apply the lessons you've learned from this & be mindful of them in the future.

    Feeling hurt, lied to, used, disrespected, betrayed, & abandoned is the WORST feeling in the world. But you will heal, with enough time. Let her go. She's no longer apart of your life. Live YOUR life. And when you're ready, you'll meet a new girl, one far better than the last.

    • Yeah I agree and it hurts to know the truth and I hear what ur saying but I just was the best bf to her I at least deserve a bye

    • Life would be easier if we always had closure. But life's never fair, never easy. You may not have the closure you feel you need, but you have the truth. Sometimes, that's enough.

      I'm not going to lie to you, this will likely not be the last time your heart is broken. But you do grow stronger from it, & wiser. And you will learn when you've found a good girl, one who would never betray you like that. When you find her, make damn sure she knows you want her in your life & treat her good... especially if you plan on keeping her ;)

      Till then, it's your time to work on you. Take advantage.

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  • It's hard, it's so hard. I know because me and my girlfriend broke up just over a month ago due to long distance. I think she's using you right now. She's keeping you on the hook, probably as back-up and that is just horrible and evil. She's toying with your emotions and it's really hurting you.

    I think the best thing for you to do is to keep active in the day times to avoid thinking about everything, that's what I'm trying to do now. And most importantly, move on, I really think it will help you take your mind off of her and if you meet someone who treats you how you deserve to be treated, you'll most likely fall out of love with her in no time.

    But I bet you're thinking "What if I don't want to fall out of love with her? I still want to win her back." I think that she doesn't deserve you. If she is messing you about as you have said, then she does not respect you but you are too blindly in love to see it.

    You could look at it another way that she's hurting just as badly and is trying to move on from you by dating other people and I understand how that makes you want to get her back even more but the way she has been treating you is just mean and unnecessary. I suggest you block her out of your life, block her number, her Facebook, etc... and just move on with your life.

    It's hard and I'm probably not the best person to be giving break-up advice given that I'm in a similar situation as you without all of the cruel mindgames, but I hope I helped.

    Good luck and if you need anything else feel free to comment or even message me :)

    • Actually I street bad I did block her well I tried but I always check up on her fb or somthing I feel like the online stalker ex im not trying to but it just happens I keep telling myself its because we dont see each other anymore thats the problem but im not even sure anymore if it is I still talk to her sister because I dont wanna loose her completely i feel so desperate that I would even be friends with her if she wanted to be

  • It's going to suck bro but it's best to move on. That's not love that's called being played. She wants to know you're still there if that relationship fails


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